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Ljubinka Gligorova
Ljubinka Gligorova is a graduated architect from Skopje. She says: “I like painting. For me it is both relaxation and excitement. Part of my life.”
Veska Sotirovska
Veska Sotirovska now lives in Skopje after a worldwide career in the Diplomatic Corps. Her love and passion of art comes from her experiences in France and Macedonia. The combination of French Impressionist and traditional Macedonian make her style unique.
Juliete Sosson
Although Juliete Sosson is just 9 years of age, she is a full member of NGO Art Studio. She loves to draw and is determined to be a professional artist when she grows up.
Irena Gapkovska
Irena Gapkovska is Founder and President of NGO Art Studio in Skopje and a Resident Artist at the prestigious Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami, Florida. By using the aesthetics of ancient Macedonian aft to express the spirituality of the subject, she makes a bridge between abstract and figurative realities.
Lidija Janevska
Lidija Janevska is a fashion designer whose clothing expresses form and elegance. In her art she express her passion for life through colors, which speak for themselves with the power and character of the impressionist style, bringing strength to her ideas and emotions.
Goran Veljanoski
Goran Veljanoski is a graphic designer. He expresses his thoughts through his drawings and by making music.
Natasha Stojmanovska
Natasha Stojmanovska is a graduate architect who gets inspiration from the organic form of the human body and the different colors of the human emotion. She presents her ideas on paper in strong and colorful tones, capturing specific moments of life’s celebrations.
Marija Volkanovska
Marija Volkanovska is a dentist living and working in Skopje. Her art relates to the vivid colorful landscapes and cultural traditions of Macedonia. She expresses her art on paper with lots of strong positive colors that capture life all around us.
Ana Trajkovska
Ana Trajkovska is studying graphic art at D.S.U.P.U. "Lazarus Licenoski" in Skopje and has been the Manager of NGO Art Studio for more than two years. Her current paintings combine her love of music with her love of the visual arts while demonstrating her style of impressionist expressionism.
Christelle Sosson
Christelle Sosson was born in Soissons, France and is now attached to the Diplomatic Corps in Skopje after getting her Master's Degree in Geology. She is passionate about her daughter, her horse, and her artwork.




Studio 26
Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd Street
Miami, Florida 33127
TEL: +1 413 695 3896
Irena Gapkovska
President and Founder
Ul. Koco Racin Br 26
MK-1000 Skopje
TEL: +389 7842 2987
TEL: +389 7763 7416
Ana Trajkovska, Manager
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Located on the right bank of the river Vardar next to the city park, 3 km from the city center.

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