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An unraveling exceptional fusion of Macedonian, Ladino (the language of Sephardic Jews),
Turkish and Gypsy sounds – a minimalist musical concept with Elena’s voice transporting you on a multicultural odyssey.
If you look a little bit closer, you will realize that we are “surrounded” by baklavas.  Our first major challenge is to draw this perfect geometric shape in the auditive space.
The baklava is both a powerful and an extremely sweet dessert.  Anyone who has ever tasted baklava could not have remained indifferent.  Our second major challenge is to penetrate the secrets and recipes of the musical delicacies of the Macedonian folk music tradition.
Baklava is a musical group with a minimalist musical concept: the sound is made by only one female vocal and two string and percussion instruments.  The third major challenge is the musicianship: simplicity and unpretentiousness.
Apart from the remakes of Macedonian folk compositions, Baklava’s worldview is open to other folk traditions as well.  But the key challenge is to create original music in a vivid dialogue with the aesthetic achievements of traditional Macedonian music.
Baklava was formed in 2005 as a result of the bond between the individual musical experiences of its members in their personal projects as well as the collaboration with other musicians and bands.  Baklava has produced three albums: Baklava (2007), Kalemar (2008), and Me Mankas Mucho (2011).
Andrijana Janevska

Andrijana Janevska

Andrijana Janevska was born in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, where she currently works and lives. Since 2002, she has been engaged as a violinist at the Macedonian Opera and Ballet. Andrijana started her music education at the School Centre for Music Education in Skopje at the age of 6 and later on continued her studies at the Music High School in Skopje. In 2004 she completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Music in Skopje, the Department of string instruments – violin, and in 2011 she earned her MA degree in Music Theory and Pedagogy. Apart from her professional engagement, Andrijana has also had a successful music career for more than 15 years as a singer, songwriter and producer on the Macedonian music scene. She works as an associate lecturer at the Private Music School Enterprise and since 1999 is a regular member of the chamber choir Sv. Zlata Meglenska.


Located on the right bank of the river Vardar next to the city park, 3 km from the city center.

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