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Bajsa Arifovska

Bajsa Arifovska is born on 25th of January 1978 in Kochani, Macedonia. After finishing grade-school in 1992, she continued studying music high-school in Shtip. With great curiosity she studied the basic music theories and instruments, the piano and the violin were her primary ones, but she also played flute, clarinet and saxophone when given an opportunity, because these instruments weren't available for every-day use back then.
She moved a lot as a child, which was a good chance to grow and soak up in Macedonian folklore the traditional way, especially in the regions of Maleshevo, Pijanec and Osogovo in eastern Macedonia. The inheriting musical genes come from both sides of her family. From one side we have zurla and tapan players from the village Ratevo, near Berovo town, and from the other, admirers of the urban traditional song.
She starts in the Skopje Music Academy in 1996, where she meets prof. Dragan Dautovski, who teaches her the traditional instruments: kaval, gajda, tambura, tapan, etc. With Dautovski (as part of the Dragan Dautovski Quartet) she starts her professional music career and tours Macedonia, Europe, and the World (Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, England, Australia). At Dautovski's initiative, in 2000, she takes part as traditional instruments teacher in the state musical high-school 'Ilija Nikolovski - Luj', where she works to this day and accomplishes various musical projects.
Since 2003 she also works as arranger and conductor of the Mandolin Orchestra of Roma cultural and educational center 'Darhia', where she also accomplished several projects and toured the Balkan states. As a multi-instrumentalist Bajsa is an active participant on various international World Music & Fusion projects. She's played in dozens of concerts and TV shows on the Macedonian national television and other local TV stations as well. Bajsa is also external collaborator in the National Ensemble for Folk Dances & Songs - 'Tanec' from Skopje. As a teacher she participates in various traditional music seminars, like the annual Macedonian Pearl Folk.
Her solo projects include 'Bajsa Arifovska & Macedonian Chalgia' (2008), and she's also composed the music for the coreo-drama 'Broken Dream' (2009). Her various other projects can be seen in the discography section.

Kalevala is a world music band from Macedonia existing since 2008, performing mainly traditional pieces of music taken from all around the world, arranged for vocal, acoustic guitar, double bass and percussion.  Since 2011, the band is in process of creating its own music based on the world music recipes in the following languages: Portuguese, French, Russian, Italian, Celtic, Suomi, Macedonian, Algerian, Turkish.

Vlado Tasevski Macedonian Folk Dance Ensemble


Vlatko Lozanoski – Lozano

Vlatko Lozanoski – Lozano is a Macedonian singer from Kičevo - Republic of Macedonia. He is one of the most powerful male vocals on the Macedonian pop music scene. Together with Esma Redžepova, he represented Macedonia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö, Sweden.
Even as a child, Lozano simply knew that music would be his greatest passion and profession. He plays piano, accordion and guitar. His first public appearance was as a participant in the talent show Mak Dzvezdi (September 2007 - May 2008). A month later, he won the Grand Prix on the first Macedonian Radio Festival called Starry Night. He sang the song "Vrati Me" which was also his first official single. His second single was called "Obicen Bez Tebe". In October 2008, singing his only third official single at the time "Vremeto Da Zastane", Lozano was awarded by the jury the Debut Prize at MakFest, the most prestigious music festival in Republic of Macedonia. Two days later, on the final evening he won the MakFest Grand Prix, which was awarded by the audience. "Sonce Ne Me Gree" was his next single. In February 2009, he participated in Macedonia's national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 singing his fifth single "Blisku Do Mene" and was placed fourth. The song was elected to represent Macedonia on The Virtual Eurosong Festival "Second Chance". In June 2009 Lozano participated on the Pjesma Mediterana Festival in Budva, Montenegro. In July, he participated on the Slavianski Bazar Festival in Vitebsk, Belarus and won the second prize. Next, Lozano performed "I'm Your Angel" along with Magdalena Cvetkoska on the Golden Wings Festival in Moldova, and they won the second prize. He was also awarded the Best Male Voice. His first album named "Lozano" was released in early 2010. In February 2010 he participated in the Macedonian national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 singing "Letam kon tebe". He ended up in the fourth place.
With his enormous music talent and brilliant interpretation Lozano amazes both the audience and the critics. He is also very well known for his wonderful performing of old Macedonian folk songs, which are part of the Macedonian tradition and cultural inheritance.


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